With the reform and opening up, table culture went from scarcity to excess. The nineties were the peak of the combination of creativity and tradition through plating, imagining Chinese culture in all its aspects. But after the 21st century, this art of plating slowly began to disappear, and the invasion of global culture led to a mishmash of Chinese table culture that went from being distinctly Chinese figurative, rich and playful to being minimalist and serious and chaotic.

Through my research, I found that the main audience for both this sophisticated and now minimalist plating has always been the elite. They are not only look for good food, but also some- thing that pleases their eyes. The inculcation of elite culture has led to the disappearance of what was once a plating culture.

Through the installation, I reflect on how today's exotic plate culture small but sophisticated food is slowly blurring China's own culture.In this mixed cultural context, I began to reflect on whether elite culture is slowly eroding the secular entertainment and authen- ticity of popular culture, and feel the cultural hegemony behind the heterogeneity of culture.

The Art Of Plating The Art Of Plating 美食美器